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MACPLUS Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor Fingertip, Blood Oxygen Meter Finger Oximeter Finger with Pulse, O2 Monitor Finger for Oxygen

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Rs. 499 (80.03% OFF)

(MRP. 2499)

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Pulse Oximeter is a portable, convenient, non-invasive device, used for monitor arterial hemoglobin oxygen saturation(SpO2) and pulse rate

EASY to operate pulse oximeter. This portable monitor allows you to quickly and easily red oxygen saturation levels, pulse rate and pulse strength. Bright LED display is easy to read.

We recommend index Finger, middle finger, and ring finger are suitable position for a monitor. The personal application is designed for adult patients (Weight >30 kgs) and pediatric patients (weight:20-30kgs)

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Rs. 499 (MRP Rs.2499.00)

80.03 % OFF