July 10th, 2024 8:56am

Deekam Oval Shape Glossy Black & White Faux Pearl Brooch | Hijab pins for Women ! Pack of 240 Pc..

Indulge in the captivating elegance of Deekam's Oval Shape Glossy Black and White Faux Pearl Brooch Hijab Pins. These exquisite accessories are designed to elevate your style and add a touch of sophistication to your hijab.


  • Oval shape design
  • Glossy black and white faux pearls
  • Secure brooch closure
  • Versatile and stylish
  • Pack of 240 pieces

These hijab pins are crafted from premium materials, ensuring their durability and longevity. The glossy faux pearls and oval shape add a touch of glamour to your hijab, making them perfect for both formal and casual occasions. The secure brooch closure keeps your hijab securely in place, providing comfort and confidence throughout the day.

With a pack of 240 pieces, you'll have an ample supply to match your every outfit and style. The versatility of these pins allows you to create countless looks, from simple and elegant to bold and dramatic. Whether you prefer to adorn your hijab with a single pin or multiple pins, the possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Deekam Hijab Pins?

  • Exceptional quality and craftsmanship
  • Wide variety of styles and designs
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Affordable prices

Deekam is renowned for its commitment to providing customers with exceptional products and services. By choosing Deekam hijab pins, you can rest assured that you're investing in accessories that will enhance your style and confidence for years to come.


If you're seeking the perfect finishing touch for your hijab, look no further than Deekam Oval Shape Glossy Black and White Faux Pearl Brooch Hijab Pins. With their exquisite design, exceptional quality, and versatility, these pins are the ultimate accessory to elevate your style and express your unique personality. Order your pack today and experience the unparalleled beauty and elegance of Deekam hijab pins.

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